Me being deep

  • Person: What's depression like?
  • Me: what's depression like? Well at first it's like falling, but then suddenly Youre drowning, but unlike regular drowning... you don't flap around and gurgle for help. You just sink, and get lower and lower into the darkness. Your body becomes to hurt worse and worse over time...
  • Person: do you ever stop? The drowning?
  • Me: It's possible, but it usually happens with someone saving you, they pull you out of the water and you take a deep breath. Your body becomes better again. And you can breathe, oh my god what it feels like to breathe again. But in most cases...the person that saves you is the same person that throws you right back in... And you begin drowning again.
  • Person: ...and then what?
  • Me: And then you have trust issues.